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E-Commerce industry operates in a vibrant atmosphere, where new challenges and fresh opportunities keep brewing. The success of e-Commerce revolves around many factors such as the use of multiple channels to get to their customers, understanding their needs and the means to cater to their needs.


We, at Rays understand these areas and therefore provide robust and scalable solutions to e-Commerce businesses. We have vast experience in developing both B2B and B2C e-Commerce solutions. For e-commerce implementation, we provide high quality data that will not only help customers maintain cleansed and normalized data in their ERPs, but will also help in delivering efficient and rewarding web experience for their end users.


Rays TechServ specializes in offering B2B Companies with a suite of product data and ecommerce data services and assists you in transforming your product data into an asset. With our data content services, you will have the power to drive sales and increase Return on Investment.


We provide the following Data Content Services: